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I Am Alive

I don't know if anyone is still even following this uninteresting old thing, but I thought I would say hello to all my old and neglected friends. I cannot believe that it has been two years since I updated my journal and last talked to all of you! In fact I can't believe that two years has passed at all. I don't think I realized how fast life moved until I was done with college.

I am still working on the trauma unit at my hospital. Hopefully my next fall I will back at school working on my graduate degree.

I hope everyone is doing well.
I saw The Princess and the Frog today. AND I LOVED IT

Here is why...Collapse )

On a side note it was two degrees the other night. TWO!!! It has been too cold this past week to even snow! At the same time it does make the house feel much more cozy.

AND THE CHRISTMAS TREE GOT DECORATED TODAY. I WILL BE BACK WITH PICTURES. now if Chester will just leave the silly thing alone...

Also, tomorrow is my first day on my own in the new unit. Wish me luck!!!!
Having a whole week off brings a host of revelations.

1)Having to stay up all night three nights in a row= finding German soap operas on the internet= discovering homosexual storylines on said soap operas= developing a severe soap opera addiction+ having severe time of the month issues+ completely running out of monetary funds= getting a whole lot of nothing done. What can I say, apparently I have no self control.

2)Washing big dogs in the middle of November= a whole lot of cold and a broken shampoo bottle.

3)There is no where near as much Sulu/Chekov fanfiction as there should be.

4)My computer sits in the coldest part of the house.

5)Working two night shifts in a row also leads to the development of insomnia which I have not been able to shake this past week.

6) I am back to work tomorrow. For another three twelve-hour days in a row. Yuck. I hate getting up before 5 in the morning. HATE, HATE, HATE!!!!!
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Turkey Day Post

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope you all enjoyed good times and food with your families. In the spirit of the Holidays I am going to start my own little meme. Which all are welcome to participate in but of course not required.

Five things I am grateful for-

1)My family. Because even though they have the ability to cause me extreme aggravation. The truth is, I love them very much, and my life without them would be incredibly empty.
2)My education. This has opened my mind to great things. I continue to grow each day because of it. I will continue to grow until my metaphorical head crashes though the ceilings and passes the clouds to the furthest reaches of space.
3)My job. In times like this having a steady income is a true and wonderful blessing.
4)My friends. Even though there are not very many of them, I am grateful for the insight and variety each of them bring into my life. And this includes people on my flist.
5)And lastly I am grateful for Gene Roddenberry. Who created the characters of Sulu and Chekov. That I read having sex together. Pretty much every day. Consistently. And it makes me very, very happy.

I hope every one had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Notes On the Dark Side

Well I made though my two night shifts with minimal difficulty. It was odd being at work on the totally opposite side of the day. I did like the slower pace of the night shift. There were less doctors and families to deal with. I may consider making this a permanent thing. Plus the pay is six dollars more.

Also I put an IV in by myself!!! On my first try!! I picked the vein and everything! Nobody was looking over the shoulders and walking me though the steps. The best part was that puppy slid right in. No difficulties at all. I left that room skipping with joy, no joke.

Went shopping for the rest of Thanksgiving dinner today. I am always excited to eat good food.

Now I have no work until next Monday. Woo-hoo!!!!!


Its 5 AM and I Am Still Going Strong

I have made to five o'clock in the morning mountain time. Woo-hoo! Only two hours left and I can go to bed. So far I have kept myself up by watching yaoi anime and wrapping Christmas and birthday presents way earlier than I usually do. And this is all natural energy; no stimulants for me!!!

Work, The Lucky Bones, and Everything Else

Spent Monday through Wednesday working 12- hour day shifts at the new job. It was good, but crazy busy. I did a lot of things I haven't done since nursing school. Still haven't worked with chest tubes or PCA pumps yet; and those are what concern me the most. I did get to insert one IV...and fail. However, there are other nurses on the floor who also struggle with placing them so I am not alone! That makes me feel a little better about it. Still though practice, practice, practice. I just wish that practice didn't have anything to do with sticking needles ineptly into other people. :(

Finished The Lucky Bones.
Tomorrow night is my first night shift ever! I've been preparing myself for past last few days. I'm going until 0700 today! Woo-hoo!

First Day Jitters

Tomorrow is my first day on the new unit. I'm nervous. I really hope this works out.

I am in the process of deep cleaning my room and probably got about 2% of it done today. Oh well, at least I'll never be bored. In between my books, Netflix, my fanfic, and cleaning I always have something to do.

I started reading The Lovely Bones yesterday in preparation for the movie coming out next month. I'm about halfway through, its pretty quick reading. It is really gripping and quite excellent. I'll have more to say about it once I am finished.

Also, tomorrow is my first of three 12-hour shifts in a row. So I won't see y'all until I get done with that. Blegh.

Wish me luck everyone!

Wintertime Has Come

It is officially wintertime now. With the snow and the freezing cold weather. My feet are so cold!

In other news I am now addicted to this song.


Bittersweet Thoughts

So today was my last day on the Rehabilitation Unit. Leaving has left me with...mixed feelings. This was the unit I learned to really be a nurse on. I had preceptors who taught and guided me all throughout this past year. One in particular. She taught me so much and working on a floor without her fills me with something I can only describe as dread. I grew so much and so many people helped me along the way. I'm really leaving my safety zone here. Then I have to remind myself of the reasons I'm leaving. Yes, I learned a lot. Yes, I loved most of the people who work there. But I don't like a lot of the bullshit I have to put up with. The awful people who are there for months at time. The high stress mornings of getting people dressed and fed. Some days were just truly awful. Also, I feel I am ready for highly acute patients. This floor will open an area of nursing I can become experienced in. I feel it is essential for me to have this growth. Still, this unknown territory is foreboding.

Working at this unit has been a great blessing in my life. The opportunities to work with ventilated patients and become quite the expert on tracheostomy care has been wonderful.